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[I want to go this year! Summary of recommended cosplay events]

You want to go this year! Ossmekospre event Roundup!

Many events come out more, but I don't know anyone (sweat) Also in that "by all means I want join this event!
"And I think Provides recommended cosplay events. I mean over one year, more coverage per. (Present tense)


All very interesting!, happy!

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Hide and seek games anyway Streetfest → Japanyumura → SAKAE Koshetz

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→ Conference of the Nico Nico douga community → Kariya anime collection

Think big cosplay event Streetfest except to participate this year. You would have felt free to town can wander around freely, without problems alone, not cosplay events, and? And I tried looking.



■Table of contents■

Cosplay events, I think, so I can join condition is as follows.

Want to join cosplay event conditions

(1) many participants in one event (much like...)
(2) too many events cosplay participants other than
(3) not many events some visitors can wander freely, regulatory
(4) events leading to activation of the town or the parade
(5) to take pictures.

What about this?
Feel the increasing area of activities will lead to the revitalization of town recently have done cosplay event. World cosplay craze is becoming everything! 
Why have wanted to join various cosplay events this year.
So, I checked it now. This year absolutely want to join in this!

ARIMA hot springs cosplay Festival


COSJOY 神戸 有馬コスプレフェスタ

Sponsored by: ARIMA shopping society * Worked COS Joey? Shaped like a will?

Date: 2/5/2017-(Sunday)-10:00-18:00

Venue: ARIMA hot spring district
Event description: as part of the setsubun event held in Arima Onsen cosplay town around that event is like. Cosplay events in town!
I think it's absolutely funny. Light rain is falling this year, could not attend.
I think you want to join it next year. Like walking in a procession, or the bean-throwing ceremony event.

【有馬温泉コスプレフェスタ~節分会~】まもなく始まります!!今年のコスプレイベント!こんな温泉イベント行きたい!! - ~みんなのスタイリッシュライフ~

Street festa




Sponsored by: Japan Bridge Street fest Committee

Date & time: every Sunday in the third week of March

Location: Japan-suji shopping street and its environs (Osaka Namba)
Event details: Japan Nihonbashi Denden town area was flooded with the cosplayers.
Now sells costume parade seats up to 500 people.
Such a busy main street in the pedestrian street!
250000 people gather every year big cosplay Festival! Are you again this year!
I attended last year! Stoves before 2016 article I ↓

2017年3月19日(日)は第13回日本橋ストリートフェスタ2017ですよ!!今までの問題点を振り返る -

So articles actually joined I'm ↓ ↓ ↓ 

【ストリートフェスタ2016】コスプレしてきたけど、聞きたいことある? -

【ストリートフェスタ2016】ストリートフェスタの魅力~コスプレコラボ写真がおもしろい~ - 

Streetfest 2017 also participated (lol)

【ストリートフェスタ2017行ってきた①】コスプレイヤーを紹介しよう~カオスな非日常を体験してきました~ -

【ストリートフェスタ2017②】日本橋筋商店街にはアメコミが大集合している件~メインストリートの端から端まで歩いてみました~ -

【ストリートフェスタ2017③】コスプレしてきたので聞きたいことある?外国人のコスプレイヤーのご紹介! -





 At this year's 4th annual cosplay event.
Sponsored by: General Affairs Department of Tokai general telecommunications Tokai television broadcasting
Date: 6/5/2016-(Sunday)-11:00-19:00
* The year 2017 is still unreleased
Location: Aichi Prefecture, Nagoya City, Yaba Park and its surroundings
Event description: pedestrian heaven and sunshine Sakae in, such as costume karaoke There seems to be. It was very interesting and in!
It is different! Alone I go to....


Prior to joining I-me article

今年もスゴイらしい!!大型コスプレイベントそれは~SKAEコスプレフェスティバル~ -


In fact I went!
 ↓ ↓ ↓ It was a very unusual event. Interesting girlfriend! Wide!

【SAKAEコスプレフェスティバルに参加してきましたけど】実際はこんな感じでした。感想とか?聞きたい事とかある? -

Post up your cosplay

【コスプレ写真総勢62名】SAKAEコスプレフェスティバルっておもしろい! -


6/2017 is not like...
But as the world cosplay Summit 5/21/2017 Ho Cocos include cosplay event!


ホココス ~南大津通歩行者天国COSPLAY~ | テレビ愛知

Anyway all hide and seek games



Sponsored by: new hot spring town hot springs General branch, regional development Division?

2017 event attendance was!

Date & time: 6/11/2017 (Sunday) recruiting guidelines yet.

Location: Hyogo Prefecture Mikata-gun shin'onsen, Hyōgo water [Yumura Onsen] (Hyogo, Japan)
Event description: in cosplay [Oni] and [Hide] and [hide and seek] the planning done. Seriously in the first place! If this sounds interesting!
 It is worth a look!

[Demon] and [Hide] on the different amount of participation?
Yumura Spa in anyway hide and seek games starting now! Join AAAA?!
Shall I hide yaaaaa!
I was UP the official website!
❖ Please note!
There is a special recruiting methods.
Order a brochure
Brochure arrives home Form is in the brochure.


What you mean
Application from the Internet is not so early though if I! For more information write ↓ ↓ ↓


In fact I went! Well happy! ↓ ↓ ↓


5/11/2017 the above post was introduced Yumura Onsen official website!


第18回全日本かくれんぼ大会開催のお知らせ|お知らせ|湯村温泉 - 湯けむり荒湯 ~夢千代の里~


[Buzz] hide and seek games anyway 18 Japan article here!


Introduced in the official Facebook! Tips Nya was unbearable (* be Eulalia ')

Wonder Festival (summer / winter)

ワンダーフェスティバル|Wonder Festival


Sponsored by: wonder Festival Executive Committee Day to be held

Date: (Sun) 2/19/2017: winter the next.
    I wanted to go. Summer: (Sunday) 7/30/2017 10:00-17:00


Venue: Makuhari Messe International Exhibition Hall (Chiba Prefecture) Event description: the world's largest garage kit!
Plastic?! To go now but I think not! I wanted to go! Kore! My Kore!
I want to go!

Quote summary

Both professional and amateur, will arm themselves as started to exhibit and sell the kit, manufactured by o my formative power is the "wonder".

Existing characters do not allow sales only this day Kit (so-called "copyright stuff"), (one such Kit launches the amateur is sold in very small quantities, Miss this day and forever getting there) has become a big event, with each back the art of the dish as long as new products and limited appeal.

 Further supported this event is general admission. Maintaining attendance nearly stable, albeit with some variations held every model mania was inaugurated the younger generation in the most is above all a deep layer, almost everyone was in men due to the diversification of the sculpture, women, families, elderly gentlemen, gender and generational spread further expansion and, being "likely to" feel is true and the current situation.

 This target is "at the forefront of garage kit" is up to think of as an attractive event without losing sight of the bottom called "garage kit Sanctuary (Sanctuary)", "art" on variety of wonder that want to develop.  

It seems that cosplayers are together!
Garage kit can maybe seen, cosplay! Isn't that worth a visit?
But all companies or not. * 2/2017's wonder fetival (winter)!
(Maybe) * Ended in 2016. I wanted to go to.

World cosplay Summit

【公式】世界コスプレサミット | WORLD COSPLAY SUMMIT


Do not know whether other scale, and it can participate
Organized by: Foreign Ministry / Aichi / Nagoya City / Nagoya Convention & Visitors Bureau / Chubu International Airport co., Ltd. / OSU shopping district tourism & co., medium, newspaper and TV Aichi co., Ltd. / Inc. WCS Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Possible to look through overseas large-scale events.

Date & time: 7/29/2017 (Saturday)-8/6/2017 (Sunday)
Following schedule is in 2017!
5/21 Ho Cocos.
4 月 29 日 lag COS will
Meiji Mura cosplay is a 8/3
8/5 OASIS. 8/6 OASIS.


This year we want to participate (sweat) Period 10 days or do not know well.
This guy don't know why don't you go!
Location: Aichi Prefecture, Nagoya City, Aichi Arts Center, OASIS 21 Event details: world largest cosplay event! Worldwide cosplayers cosplay around the world aimed at the preliminaries qualifying to gather from all over the world? The cosplay competition.

10 days is event doing something. From karaoke parade, talk shows and what this increase was so very happy or not?! I happy!
What if!!
A costume, go to WCS event venue! Join WCS each event held at the OSU shopping district and OASIS 21.

I'm sure many cosplayers and make friends with the cosplay is more supposed to be like! Seems to write and enjoy, to participate in the world cosplay Championship.
Was, but it looked like qualifying auditions like w I want to audition for the voice actor troupes like the celebrities, like, like, like.

Participation it is impossible, but I want to go. That may be.
Osaka round. Someone go together.
From a person's anxiety. This is a great line called w we've said w picture taking


Click here for posts investigated 




Puffy nipples straining Toyama and Fiesta

富山こすぷれフェスタ☆2015 - 今年で6回目!北陸最大級のコスプレイベント開催!



Sponsored by: co. ' Toyama Citizen Plaza | Toyama television broadcasting co., Ltd.

Date & time: 9/2/2017 (Saturday)-9/3 (Sunday)

Every September for 1 week on Saturday, Sunday!
Venue: Toyama Shimin Plaza (Toyama City, 6-14 Otemachi)
From Osaka by car five hours... kinda far NAA (sweat)
Event description: shooting booth and then shooting at the Toyama Castle, still is! From costume design experience with cosplay cosplay experience, no, it's world fashion runway? Two days of both live and talk-show event!

It also looks quite interesting and in!
GAC yoga, to respect the last want to built.
Runway... Hey it was toys do you want to go!
Step forward a little more, to the article. Someone go together?




Kyoto international manga & anime



Sponsored by: Kyoto City, Kyoto international manga / anime fair Executive Committee Co-sponsored by: Kyoto computer school, Kyoto international manga Museum, Kyoto University Graduate School of, etc.

Date & time: 9/16/2017 (Saturday)-9/17 (Sunday)

So every Saturday and Sunday in the third week of September!
Is different depending on where 10:00-17:00?
   Venue: main exhibition ' Miyako miyakomesse.
Other: Kyoto international manga Museum and Rome theater Apparently all events of this period are Kyoto international manga fair and bundled in are like. The main "Miyako miyakomesse"!

 Event details: seems the comic market booths.
Sword dance and big companies seem to range from the hero academia, the iron Chancellor of AO no Exorcist or fence the fairly famous actors talk. As substantial character Cafe seems to pay live shows, talk shows and win nothing, (this year's black Butler) and toy products.

Each year participants 3-40,000 people and very full of people. Cosplayers in cosplay area consisting of year, named after the Kyoto meeting is not it. Well let's see. -We want to. I very hope you like. Want a sign of depression of the ground cherry (I year Lottery sign in will be. Bring a book!
) Definitely an interesting toy. You want!
Because I really want you! Was I too want to go.





100 ghost night youkai Street

 妖怪藝術団体 百妖箱


Sponsored by: apparition of the arts art Orchestra body 100 demon box?
Article city?
Date: 10/21/2017-(Saturday)-18:30-19:30?
Venue: shopping Imperator (Kyoto Kyoto City Kamigyo-Ku, Ichijo-Dori Imperial Street-2-town of OUE 75) Add: abeno designation 10/9/2016 (Sunday) Mononoke city the Shou.
( Has ended)

This looks pretty amazing! Event details: parade through the apparition Street line city of Kyoto was Shou really hope to see the event.
Monster items, such as the ghost city, the shops. This area itself is pretty Monster. It's nice!
Super cool! Like walking the ghost costume! I think you want to challenge the ghost costume judging, so.
I not afraid and I'm not! Just by looking at pictures wished scary! Day herself!
 This guy's excuse ahoge I w

At the following dates, but Monster matrix yokai city!
Monster art flea market Mononoke City (place large general 8 shrine)
5/13/2017 (Saturday) 10:00 - 17:00
9/2/2017 (Saturday) 
Viewed 1 times to go!
* End 10/9 (Sunday) abeno there Shou in the designation! It summarizes the content.



Finally she did start recruiting! 
At your earliest convenience! Mononoke went to study to the city.




Abeno Shou I went!






Kyoto line Shou I went! 





Kariya collection


Sponsored by: Kariya City Tourist Association
Date & time: 10/29/2016 (Saturday)
Venue: Kariya station
Walk the street fest SAKAE festivals and karaoke song to do the same in the town to cosplay event is like. I feel sunlit! ^.
I want to go. Put together. ↓




I went there in fact! It was again occupied by Kariya station.




Gathers! (Niigata)

会場案内 | 新潟市がマンガ・アニメ一色に染まる2日間!『がたふぇすVol.6』10/24・25開催


Sponsored by: Niigata anime Ilbo Executive Committee (Niigata City, JAM Japan anime and manga College, Niigata comic market Secretariat, to Niigata manga Prize Executive Committee, Inc. Office K)

Date: 2014 年 10 月 21 日 (Saturday) – 10/22 (Sunday) (decision)

Location: Niigata City
      Mandai area: Bandai city BP2, Niigata manga and anime information center, NST Gallery,
Bandai stay Park (Bandai stay bass center 2F)
      Furumachi area: furumachi-Dori 5-7-Cho, Niigata manga home, JAM Japan anime and manga specialty schools, NEXT21 atrium and City Plaza (NEXT21 Bldg. 6f), Niigata Plaza 2nd floor (formerly Daiwa Niigata Branch)
      Format Art Studio, Hikari Park Niigata (NTT Plaza building 1F)
Hakusan area: Niigata Prefectural Government Memorial Hall, Hee Yan House, Andong City shopping center
Western upland (events): old Saitoh House townhouse Event details: gathers and?

Niigata City dyed 1 color anime in 2 days!

"Ignites! do (in Niigata anime Ilbo)", is a celebration held in Niigata City to produce many manga artists, animechrator and manga.

In fiscal 2010, "Niigata manga Awards Festival" began in "Niigata international animation-Ilbo", cosplegata gasket Niigata three major manga and anime events held at the same time, from 3rd nicknamed "ignites!." and established. Furu-machi, Hakusan area-city Niigata bandaijima art venue held various events such as the popular actor and singer song stage, exhibition, itasha car show, costume parade and "manga and anime city Niigata" sends.


And so on that [Niigata cosplay event 2 days there. A variety of events is how wonderful the sound seems to be the anime / manga?
Packed with attractions including costume parades and talk show for two days! Oh! So fun! At least no fun! Around town really like to have! Model!
Do it live! This is why you want to join this event.
Also nice just to go see! Events of the town is a big favorite.





Similar events

Cosplegata gasket

You will be in August?
Seems to have on a regular basis. Here is indoors, so I'm not it. Pattern one impossible fellow this.


Fuji cosplay competition



Sponsored by: Shimizu station Ginza shopping district Promotion Association
Aid: Shizuoka city
Date & time: 11/19/2016 (Saturday)-11/20 (Sunday)
Venue: Shimizu station Ginza shopping street
Introducing the 5-22, Shimizu-Ku, Shizuoka-Shi Event description: the following quote

 4 Mt. cosplay competition finished all safe and sound, great success in thanks for the warm support and cooperation.
I thank you once again deeply.
Thank you very much. For holding the 5th meeting of Secretariat staff will continue working hard so continues, your support and your help thank you.

In 2016, has quit. Mount Fuji after events like that.


Business trip!
Fuji Kos inMIRAIE Leanne 2/26/2017 (Sunday) * finished


Business trip!
Kos Fuji in Shizuoka, Japan Festival
4/1/2017 (Saturday) 2 (Sunday) sunpu daimyo procession or like that. I want to go if you take if off!!


Nico Nico douga Town Council meeting

ニコニコ町会議 全国ツアー2015 | niconico



Sponsored by: niconico
Meeting date / location: province (fiscal year locations vary.) Event details: experience the NicoNico conferences fight smiling and Super Party in each State or province.
→ something different and often do not know!
Refer to HP! If you come to Osaka to absolute participate! Never join my girlfriend!



Want to hear what I've actually done that _?
Wow who had a lot of cosplayers! The results ↓








【イベント】足利ひめたま製作委員会 11月?






Looks like in Japan cosplay Festival!-. I live in Japan, because Japan's culture pop (?
) Want to enjoy the ride. Cosplay go further much fun and the fun.
I spread over the world at once.
I still many things going w.
Thank you for the information. Special thanks




Oh and have I cosplay Shane a.! The world seemed a happy!
You would want to investigate events go ★ Oh!
Now candied was so much fun at the Miyako! (Someone go together?
) We will add new ones.



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